Thank you for taking a look. We think you will love this deal so much you will not be able to resist. Since you have already been a Xirvik user you know we are all about product quality and using the best data centers around the globe to provide an unmatched seedbox experience.

This time we stroke a deal with one of our partners - the amazing Leaseweb, to provide fully dedicated servers, with a gigabit uplink, at a price that seems too good to be true. Less than $2 a day!

These are the server specs:

Hardware specs
CPU: 1x Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU G6950 @ 2.80GHz

Traffic: Unmetered
Uplink: Gigabit (GE) - 1000 Mbit/s

Provider: Leaseweb
Location: Amsterdam, NL

$1.99 a day (billed at $13.93 weekly to minimize transaction overhead), cancel at any time (no cancellation fees).

Wait, what about storage? This is the most amazing part of the deal. Your server will start with 100 GB, but you can purchase additional storage (up to 2 TB), in blocks of 25 GB for just $4.99 per block. Additional storage can be purchased at any time. It never expires, and it doesn't change the weekly price. Say you want to double your initial storage. You would just purchase 4 blocks of 25 GB and your server would have a total of 200 GB. You would still pay $1.99 per day after the storage increase.

And yes, to make it totally clear, this is a fully dedicated server, real hardware. Not virtual.


Preferred login name

$13.93 each week until you cancel (see instructions below).

How to cancel:
We hope you don't want to, but well, sometimes things don't work out or people just move on. If you ever feel the need to cancel your subscription, here's how:

   1. Log in to your PayPal account.
   2. Click History at the top of the page.
   3. Find the subscription in your History.
   4. Click the Details link for the subscription.
   5. Click the Cancel Subscription button.